Anirudh Khatry

Anirudh Khatry

Research Fellow at Microsoft PROSE



Anirudh is a Pre-doctoral Research Fellow at Microsoft, working with the PROSE (Program Synthesis) team, based out of Redmond. He primarily works on data wranging techniques using neuro-symbolic approaches. Anirudh is primarily advised by Dr. Ashish Tiwari, Dr. Sumit Gulwani and Dr. Vu Le at Microsoft. He has a bachelor’s degree from Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (V.J.T.I.) in Information Technology.

Outside of work, Anirudh enjoys playing the guitar and listening to songs.

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  • AI4Code
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Information Retrieval
  • Program Synthesis
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, started 2024.

    University of Texas at Austin.

  • B.Tech. in Information Technology, 2017-2021

    Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, India.

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[22/05/2024] I am serving on the PC for ASE-Industry Track 2024.

[05/05/2024] I will be on the PC for OOPSLA ‘24.

[15/04/2024] 🏆 Our paper “Semantically Aligned Question and Code Generation for Automated Insight Generation” is selected as the Best Paper at LLM4Code at ICSE ‘24.

[06/04/2024] 🎓 I will be joining the UToPiA lab at UT Austin in Fall ‘24!

[22/03/2024] Paper on “Semantically Aligned Question and Code Generation for Automated Insight Generation” accepted to LLM4Code at ICSE ‘24.

Recent Publications

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(2024). Semantically Aligned Question and Code Generation for Automated Insight Generation (Best Paper). In LLM4Code, ICSE ‘24.


(2023). Alternate Task Technique for Natural Language to Code in Low-Resource Languages.

(2023). COOPER: Learning what to teach models for code generation.

(2023). TSTR: Target Similarity Tuning Meets the Real World. In EMNLP-Findings'23.

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(2023). Augmented Embeddings for Custom Retrievals.


(2023). From Words to Code: Harnessing Data for Program Synthesis from Natural Language. In MLAIDS'23.


(2022). Landmarks and Regions: A Robust Approach to Data Extraction. In PLDI'22.



Pre-doctoral Research Fellow
Aug 2022 – Present Redmond
  • Working on incorporation of Natural Language intent into Microsoft products.
Microsoft Research
Research Intern
Jul 2021 – Aug 2022 India
  • Collaborated with Microsoft Edge team for web-based data extraction tasks to improve product purchasing experience.
  • Successfully automated invoice data extraction tasks for the Microsoft IDC Finance team to improve productivity.
  • Employed techniques to combat low-resource name entity recognition tasks by employing ML and program synthesis techniques.
  • Devised Landmark-based Robust Synthesis (LRSyn), a state-of-the-art interpretable data extraction framework, robust to version changes in data.
  • Spearheaded the clustering and landmark detection tasks during the development of LRSyn, and developed a novel fingerprinting technique for images.
  • Successfully published our research paper titled “Landmarks and Regions: A Robust Approach to Data Extraction” at the Conference on Programming Languages Design and Implementation 2022, San Diego.
Human Rights First
Machine Learning Intern
May 2021 – Jul 2021 Remote
  • Collaborated with 30 changemakers to develop a war-crime detection tool using social media channels.
  • Fine-tuned a distil-RoBERTa model for binary classification of war crimes
  • Spearheaded the development of a novel two stage prediction pipeline for multi-label classification of warcrimes.
Samsung Research and Development Institute, India
Research Intern
May 2020 – Jul 2020 Remote
  • Worked with the On-Device AI team to improve system performance using Reinforcement Learning.
  • Built a State-Of-The-Art Multi-Agent Deep Q-network leveraging prioritized experience replay(PER) and time-bound dynamic reward functions
  • Designed a landmark agent simulation environment to show proof of concept.
Pexabyte Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Programming Analyst Intern
May 2019 – Jul 2019 Remote
  • Coordinated with the product development team to build an ERP application for manufacturing and service-based industries.
  • Employed JavaFX for the development of the application and MySQL for database management.
  • Followed an agile based product development life cycle with constant interaction with key product owners.


Neural Networks and Deep Learning
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Blockchain Fundamentals
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Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning
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Introduction to Quantum Computing